Time / Resistance

Group exhibition

Digital Art Lab, Holon
11.05 - 21.07 2013

Co-curated with Yael Messer

>>> Exhibition catalog [Heb + Eng]
>>> Special issue of Maarav Journal
(The Israeli Center for Digital Art)

>>> Haaretz [Hebrew]
>>> Erev Rav [Hebrew]

The point of departure for the exhibition Time/Resistance is the different forms of resistance whereby artists challenge hegemonic time perception by means of everyday practices. The exhibition presents the works of eleven artists from different artistic media, including video, photography, objects, and installations. The works as a whole engage in non-compliance with various time regimes, from national and technological time economies of the 1960s and 70s, to the latent time ideology of the neoliberal Information age. As a whole, the exhibition seeks to ask how social, economic, and technological time regimes dictate our everyday life, how they create the link between time and place, and how they shape our attitude to the environment we live in, the relationships we maintain, and to our physical and mental condition. Despite the considerable differences between them, all the works in Time/Resistance enable critical examination of hegemonic time regimes – private vs. national time, productive vs. non-productive time, local and subjective vs. global time, ‘big’ vs. ‘small’ time – and propose a very personal and private tactic of resistance.

The exhibition is accompanied by a film program that will be screened in the course of May and June at Cinematheque Holon.