The Platform for Alternative Documentation

Artport, Tel Aviv
in collaboration with Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival


A performative event that brings together artists, filmmakers, social activists, and researchers studying the aesthetic, social, and philosophical aspects of documentation.

How to use beer to develop film, a workshop led by Hila Avraham

Visual Conversation
(Co-curated with Laliv Melamed) : 
What stories do we tell ourselves in order to make a place our own? How can one get lost in a completely mapped space? What new documentary practices change the way we understand the modern-day battlefield, the urban landscape, or even our home?

Participants include: Moshon Zar-Avivi on the illusion of online mapping; Inbal Shirin-Anlen on space, loneliness and virtual reality; Daniel Mann on war as it seen on YouTube; Laliv Melamed on documentation and revolution; Dan Arev on the urban strollers of the 21st century; and Yoav Gross on documenting civil space.

Director: Nikolaus Geyrhalter
A fascinating visual journey across Europe at night, where artificial lighting and surveillance technologies create a new kind of night life.