synch (s) and shred (s): The Collection

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The event was co-curated with The Living Room(s) Collective
Participating artists: Hillary Blake Firestone, Sjaron Minailo, Giles Bailey, Gerri Jäger and Markha Valenta

An evening consist of six short performances that explore and extend notions of reinterpretation, re-enactment, translation and lip-syncing in relation to selected video works from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum. By choosing the practices of re-enactment and lip-syncing for this engagement at the Temporary Stedelijk, we seek to further explore this contemporary tendency that has been growing exponentially in the arts as well as in digital media. Through the creation of a living room in the exhibition space of the museum, we used the notion of intimate common space as a vehicle to stimulate active viewing.

>>> Trouw (interview with Gilad Reich)