Sight Lines

New Works in 16MM

Group Exhibition

Artport Tel-Aviv Jaffa,
June-August 2020

Participating artists: 
Nir Evron, Édouard Decam, Sara Cwynar, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Eitan Efrat and Sira Foighel Brutmann.

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Images: Haim Yafim Barbalat

The analog image has a place of honor in the hierarchy of images. Impressive and rich, it has depth and functions as a “guarantee of pristine visuality,” as maintained by artist and theorist Hito Steyerl. The privileged status of the image is closely linked to such notions as originality, idiosyncrasy, and quality. According to Steyerl, “Resolution was fetishized as if its lack amounted to castration of the author.”

The new technologies that have evolved in recent decades, however, have eroded the status of analog photography as well as its associated set of values. The emphasis on the “original” and its aura has diverted to engagement with the image’s mutability and reproduction. Film was substituted by the digital file, leaving behind not only nostalgia for the materiality of the film reel, but mainly longing for the analog logic, and its innate continuity, singularity, and indexicality. Vis-à-vis this aesthetic and cultural perception of analog film production as an indicator of “high-end economy,” on the one hand, and of loss and yearning, on the other, the exhibition “Sight Lines” presents contemporary works in which Israeli and international artists rethink the use of film in today’s world.