De Appel Arts Center 
05.11. 2011

The event was co-curated with The Living Room(s) Collective
Participating artists: Markha Valenta, Rune Peitersen, Les Croissants Terribles and Alexander Karschnia (andcompany&Co), Yuri Veerman, Roi Alter and Hugo Herrera Tobón

A Inspired by the global movement of civil awakening and collective action, we took the opportunity provided to us by De Appel Arts Center to curate their activities for the annual Museumnight in Amsterdam: a Revolutionary Playground. Occupying De Appel, we created a full evening of performances, workshops, commissioned artworks, installations, food and drinks. These activities all highlighted the human aspect inside this global insurrection and strove to bring this content and experience together in a playful yet informative seven hour long, live action.