RE-Establishing Shot

A Video Program commissioned by Artis

Cabinet Magazin, New York
September 17, 2014

Night Gallery, Los Angels

September 23, 2014

Co-curated with Yael Messer

RE-Establishing Shot was an evening-length video program presented by curatorial duo High & Low Bureau (Yael Messer and Gilad Reich), commissioned by Artis and presented at Cabinet in Brooklyn, New York and Night Gallery in Los Angels. The program explores the ways in which young artists from Israel use cinematic language to re-contextualize and challenge hegemonic narratives within Israeli society. 

List of Artists and Works (in order of appreance in the film prgram):
Amir Yatziv, This is Jerusalem, Mr. Pasolini , 2013, 17’47 minTamir Zadok, Gaza Canal, 2010,  9 min.
Nevet Yitzhak+ Lior Friedman, Salute, 2004,  5’41 minGuy Ben Ner, Soundtrack, 2013, 11 min.Roiy Nitzan, How Thing Are, 2010, 2 min.

>>> Excerpts from Video Program “RE-Establishing Shot” and Conversation
with High & Low Bureau