Our Work is Never Over

Matadero Art Center, Madrid
08.06-26.08 2012

Co-curated with Yael Messer

Participating artists: Mounira Al Solh, Joana Bastos, Guy Ben Ner, Tehching Hsieh, David Levine, Ahmet Ogut, Pilvi Takala, and Werker Magazine (Marc Roig Blesa & Rogier Delfos).

>>> www.mataderomadrid.org/ficha/1602/our-work-is-never-over.html

The point of departure of the exhibition Our Work is Never Over is the black and white photos by Mladen Stilinović titled Artist at Work (1978). Documenting himself lying in bed, Stilinovic’s work initially aimed to challenge the symbolic power of labor under the communist regime. However, the advent of the precarious post-Fordist society in the last 20 years with its heavy reliance on flexible, creative and immaterial labor transforms the issues raised by Stilinović into ones that are exceptionally urgent.

Our work is never over featured works by artists who challenge the apparent separation between art, labor and everyday existence, or embody the blurring between those arenas in their artistic practice. Self-documentation, on of the most immediate manifestation of the personal, the indispensable, or life itself, will stand at the center of the exhibition and will serve as a common thread between the works.