Going-Up Jerusalem: Reality & Art Alongside Route no.1

Nomadic Art Project by Guy Briller
21-27.06 2012 

Creator: Guy Briller

Artistic Director: Gilad Reich

Participating artists:
Yonathan Avishai, Bik van der Pol, Yuval Ben-Ami, Yael Berda, Muhammed Jabali, Yossi Ghinsberg, Etai Darway, Kerem Halbrecht, Markha Valenta, Lavi Zytner, Rafram Chaddad, Meir Tati, Narkis Tepler, Porat Salomon, Noah M Fischer, Tahel Frosh, Jonathan Keren and Chaia Rukin.

Documenting team:
Arik Footerman, Moran Gutman, Snir Kazir, Yair Moss. Ohad Shem Tov, Yuval Yairi and Rotem Rozental.

An original, international art project that documents a one-time-only journey: A community of artists, social activists, and intellectuals from both Israel and abroad make pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Going up: Jerusalem is a continuous, week-long artistic event that combines walking, creative expression, and human interaction. Artist Guy Briller, who conceived of the project, will lead 25 artists, social activists and intellectuals on a pilgrimage from the Neve Shalom communal settlement to Jerusalem. Throughout the pilgrimage, which will be documented and broadcast live on a website created specifically for this purpose, participants will engage in discussions about a range of social, cultural and political issues, as well as act and create in response to the spirit and inspiration of the discussions. The basic premise of the project is that a journey by foot, when cast as an act of self-examination and a re-assessment of one's immediate surroundings, creates a space in which people of diverse backgrounds can forge meaningful ties and imagine a future beyond the confines of our current reality. And of course, the act recalls that Jerusalem has been, for thousands of years, a point of pilgrimage for Jews, Christians, Muslims and others. Or in the words of the project's initiators: In many ways, Jerusalem has always been a place that we are constantly trying to reach.

>>> Going Up Jerusalem (Mekudesht Festival) [Eng / Heb]