Duo exhibition by Bojan Fajfric and Nevet Yitshak

Jeanine Hofland Gallery, Amsterdam
24.06-05.08 2011

Co-curated with Yael Messer 

Participating artists: Bojan Fajfric and Nevet Yitshak

Participating Artists in the public program: Noa Giniger, Wilbert Bulsink, Greet Glas, Myrna Lewis, Yonathan Keren,  Jæ, Anat Spiegel.

Metropolis M (Dutch)

We took the invitation to curate an exhibition in Jeanine Hofland gallery as an opportunity to transform the gallery space into an intimate place of gathering. We did by curating a series of public events around and inside the notions raised by the exhibition. The duo exhibition by Bojan Fajfric and Nevet Yitshak brought together two distinctive yet interrelated works: 5th December 1978 and A Great Joy Tonight. From their different perspectives, each project deals the notion of collective creativity in relation to a visual archive and a historical moment. Moreover, these works are questioning the durability of social and cultural traditions, as well as the potential these past structures may hold for the future.

The exhibition was accompanied by a series of public events where artists from different disciplines presented their experiments and experience with the notion of collective creativity. The visual artist Noa Giniger shared her results from the collaborative project she initiated in residency at SYB; composer Wilbert Bulsink and graphic artist Geert Glas presented their project: a 5,000 mile bike ride through eastern Europe (which went on to become the music theater piece Götterfunken with the Rosa Ensemble); Psychologist Myrna Lewis & Group Facilitator Yonathan Keren gave a workshop on the collective decision making process; and finally performers Anat Spiegel and Jæ presented their musical collaboration, bringing the public program to a festive close.

All of these events were accompanied by homemade food and drink, taking place in the setting of an intimate common space inside the exhibition.