Decolonized Skies

Group exhibition

Co-Curated with with Yael Messer

Apexart, New York
10.09- 25.10 2014

Artport, Tel Aviv

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>>> AConversation With High & Low Bureau - Drone Center at Bard College

In recent years, more and more artists and activists are re-appropriating aerial perspectives of power and control to develop a new language of ethics and aesthetics. Deploying advanced technologies while developing DIY strategies of documentation and analysis, they look for new ways to transform the aerial point of view from a “space of state control,” historically linked to the disciplinary gaze of the nation-state, into a tool for the production and distribution of civil knowledge. These artists and activists manipulate satellite images, operate un-militarized drones, and actualize new mapping systems in a search for civil-oriented visual and political imagery.

The exhibition Decolonized Skies presents six international artists who explore the ramifications of the “democratization of the view from above.” While some artists focus on the new visuality produced by this process, others underline its empowering potential in the field of human rights and participatory knowledge production. The exhibition also marks a genealogy of artistic engagement with the demilitarization of the aerial point of view and frames the current discourse in an historical context. By doing so, it explores what it takes to decolonize the view from above, and how we can produce a new visual and ethical perspective by actively reclaiming the sky.